Ambient User Experience and Film Festivals

Ambient User Experience and Film Festivals

Last week, we discussed device mesh as it pertains to film festivals, which set the stage for what we will cover this week which is, “ambient user experience.” As you may recall, device mesh establishes the groundwork for the changing face of user experience (UX), which is continuous and ambient. Ambient UX combines machine learning with the technology that end users interface with to create a better, more personalized experience that strips away the resistance between technology and the real world. Ambient user experience is not device, platform or location dependent. It focuses on the “behind the scenes” activity that happens as and/or after the experience occurs. The information collected can be used to enhance the user experience which leads to a happier, more engaged audience.

Since the ambient experience is not actually digital (and therefore difficult to collect data), through the use of surveys, festivals and conferences can learn more about their performance that would be overlooked by the data.  Customer feedback and comments about the experience around them as they experience your event is crucial to making future business decisions and forming a direction towards increasing usage and profits. As we discussed in previous posts, the nature of business is to adapt and constantly improve or run the high risk of failure. For film festivals which are generally annual events, this is critical.

After each annual festival, it is essential to receive feedback from festival goers and make improvements for next year. In business, it is often cited that it can cost between four to 10 times as much to gain new customers as it does to retain existing customers. These figures illustrate the importance of ensuring your consumers are happy! Therefore, consumer feedback is invaluable! Now the question becomes, how do I go about gathering this information to ensure the longevity of my festival? That’s simple, let us help you!

With ChillHound, we take the confusion and confusion out of this process. Surveys are sent during and after the festival and the data collected is presented as a dashboard, depending upon what information you are specifically interested in gathering. This makes the process of figuring out what areas of your festival could use improvement and how to better allocate your resources. This saves you time and money and ensures that your festival is constantly improving!

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