The Changing Face of Film Festivals

The Changing Face of Film Festivals

At ChillHound we love films. Being the movie buffs that we are we’ve attended more than our fair share of film festivals. Why do we love them? Well in our humble opinion there is nothing better than getting a first glimpse at truly unique films from all over the world. In addition to fun and entertainment, festivals provide an important service, they allow film makers who would otherwise go unnoticed to get the recognition/exposure they deserve. Often leading to the cream of crop receiving additional opportunities to make more of the great films we love.

Our collective team has attended hundreds of film festivals ranging from a handful of attendees to festivals spanning weeks and drawing crowds in the tens of thousands. Throughout our travels, we’ve noticed a few common challenges experienced by all festivals. These challenges prompted us to embark on a series of blog posts that address these challenges and offer our insight into how they can be solved. Our goal is to make film festivals even more enjoyable going forward. Whether or not you like our proposed solution, (we’re pretty confident you’ll love it) we hope you will learn from our experience and make your own festival even better!

The first problem encountered by all festivals regardless of size is communication. Festivals are inherently chaotic events. Movies are pulled at the last minute, times are changed, posters are swapped out, you name it we’ve seen it. Most experienced attendees have learned to roll with the punches, but this is 2016! There should be a better way to streamline the communication between your filmmakers, the festival hosts and attendees.

Currently, if you want to stay on top of what is going on you are often relegated to following dozens of feeds on social media. Or even worse praying the festival updates their website in real-time (highly unlikely). These simply aren’t viable options. Updating a website is too lengthy of a process and can’t keep up with the fun and spontaneous events happening during a festival. Unless you are truly a hardcore fan, who wants to go track down the Duplass Brothers twitter feed to see if they’re going to do a Q&A? To quote a friend from the Southern Screen Film Festival “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Fortunately, for festivals and attendees alike there is a better way to streamline your communication. We should know, we built it!  If you are curious to learn more I’d encourage you to visit our website at We are also presenting at XLIVE in December. From one movie fan to another I hope you will come visit and let us show you how we can improve your festival experience going forward.

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