ChillHound FAQs


  What is ChillHound?

  ChillHound is an event management website that serves as an all-in-one solution for the modern event planner. ChillHound allows users to invite guests to their events via email and Facebook Events, leading them all to the same platform. This gives the host a central location to share information and monitor guest responses and keep all of their guest information in one place. ChillHound also has added features to aid event hosts such as an embedded registry, potluck function, and collecting contributions from event guests. This can be done by either credit or debit card.

  What can ChillHound be used for?

  ChillHound can be used for any event, party or scenario where a host is planning an event, excursion, fundraiser, etc. Whether you are putting together a family style dinner, a night on the town, a wedding shower, a bachelor party, a league basketball team, a walkathon fundraiser, or just a simple sports viewing house or office party, ChillHound assists hosts in planning, collecting contributions, registry info, and potluck organization.

  How should I sign up for ChillHound?

  You have two options. You can either sign in with ChillHound by Facebook or by Email and Password. If you have a Facebook page, we suggest using that method, but that decision is solely up to the user. NOTE: Whatever you sign in with will be your mode of signing in for that profile for its duration!!! Once you sign in, add ALL of your email addresses in which you feel you could receive an invitation (i.e. work, school, home, etc.). From that point, when invited to an event, use your initial log-in to view the invitation. This is done to consolidate your events into one profile and minimize long term confusion.

  What is the advantage of signing in with your Facebook account?

  By signing in with Facebook, you can have access to all your Facebook Friends and the ability to send Facebook Event invitations. This will mirror a regular Facebook Event action, except that the ChillHound link will be embedded in the invitation. Guests should click on this link and must sign in with Facebook. From there, they can also add their email addresses to that profile, allowing them to be emailed as well.

  How do the contributions work?

  Good question. ChillHound uses an online escrow service called BalancedPayments. You can visit their web site at This safe and reliable service holds contributed funds until a specific release date. For example, Adam invites Brenda and Charles. In order to receive funds, Adam connects with BalancedPayments and enters the bank account info (routing and account number) he would like to use to receive funds. Adam sends the invitations and requests contributions to be collected and released over the next two weeks. Brenda immediately contributes via debit. Charles contributes one week later via credit card. Those funds never comingle with Adam’s bank account until 48 BUSINESS hours after the cutoff time (possibly shorter, depending on the rules of Adam’s bank). So, event hosts should allow at least 48 business hours (2 business days) of lead time to receive their contributions if the funds are needed before the event date.

  How much is the transaction charge for each contribution?

  ChillHound charges 4.9% + $.30 for every transaction made to the event host. If the event host asks for $50 dollars from a guest, they would, after costs, receive $47.25. The host has the ability to pass this cost on to their guests, share it with their guests, or incur the cost entirely (as in this example). If the host wanted to pass the cost on to their guests, they could charge $53 dollars and have covered costs (host would receive $50.10 from each guest).

  If someone has paid their contribution, but discovers soon after they can’t attend the event, what then?

  Next to each guest that has successfully contributed, there is a “Refund” button. This option will allow hosts to refund their guest the entire contribution amount. If the guest contributed $50 they will be refunded $50. The refund option only works up to the day of the contribution cutoff. After that date, refunds can’t be made through the system and will have to be handled by the individuals outside of’s capabilities.

  How many guests can I invite to one event?

  You can invite as many guests as you need. There is no limit on number of guests.

  Is there a limit to the number of guests I can store in my ChillHound account?

  There is no limit of guests that you can store in your ChillHound account. We have a built in name filtering system to make the process much easier.

  Will you remind my guests before the event or should I send them an e-mail?

  You can send an updated or reminder email by clicking on “Send Invitations”. Hosts can update the event details and send the new information via email. For Facebook event users, you can also send information and reminders via Facebook events.

  Will you remind people to register that have received an invitation but not confirmed?

  For now, this job function we leave to the host until we find the most constructive and user friendly way to send reminders to guests.

  How many events can I have open and running at one time?

  There is no limit to the number of events you can have going at the same time.

  Does ChillHound store my credit card or bank account info?

  ChillHound DOES NOT STORE BANK OR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION! We save the information as a Token to be used for future use and not traceable. Our merchant carrier,, stores the information. For more, please visit

  The contribution deadline for my event has passed but I haven’t received my money yet.  When will I get it?

  Yes. Please allow up to 2 business days after the cutoff date to receive your guests monetary contribution. This means that if the cutoff date to receive funds land on a Friday, guest have until Friday night to pay into the event. On Tuesday, the money is released. On the other hand, if the money is needed for the weekend, hosts should set the cutoff date for Monday-Wednesday to ensure that money is in their account by Friday.

  What happens if I need to cancel an event?

  Alert your guests that the event is cancelled. This can be done by editing event details and resending the invitations with a cancellation message and/or by going into the generated Facebook Event and cancelling or notifying from there. Any money that has been contributed BEFORE the contribution cutoff date can be “Refunded” by clicking on the “Refund” button.

  What if I only want some people to pay through ChillHound, can I do that?

  Not everyone has to pay through ChillHound. If someone feels more comfortable contributing using other vehicles, that is perfectly fine. ChillHound is a tool to manage your events. We are here to help the host.

  Can I change the date for an event after I created it?

  Absolutely! You can change the event details at anytime including Name, Date, Location, Time, Dress Code, Message, Contribution request, Contribution Cutoff Date, Event Options, etc AT ANY TIME!

 What if I don’t need contributions for my event?

  One does not need to use ChillHound ONLY for crowd sourcing an event. ChillHound has many event options that can be very beneficial for Hosts, including the consolidation of invites through Facebook and emails!

  I was invited to an event but the contribution deadline has passed, can I still RSVP?

  Yes you can! If contributions are required, speak to the host and make arrangements with them. Outside of that, you can still RSVP and state that you are attending!

  I created an event but I need to move up the contribution deadline, is that possible?

  Event hosts can change the contribution cutoff date at any time. This can be a date sooner or later than the original date UP TO the date of the event. Remember… money is released two businesses days after the release date. If money is required for the weekend, we suggest the cutoff date being (at the latest) the Wednesday of that week. Anything longer will delay release until the following week.