Film Festivals and Device Meshing

Film Festivals and Device Meshing


Film Festivals and Device Meshing

What is “digital mesh?” Digital mesh is depicted in the image above. It is the connection between all devices including but not limited to smartphones, tablets, wearables, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and the list goes on! Now, every person has an online profile, every service has an app, every company has a website, every device is connected to another device wirelessly via sorcery, and so on. The world is more convenient and interactive than ever and that’s what consumers want. As we touched on last week, this is just the  beginning of the technological revolution and businesses are in a difficult position– adapt and keep up with the times, or be left in the dust as competitors continue to rise to the occasion. With that said, film festivals are no exception; we’re getting smarter, technology is advancing and the world is going greener. New technology has changed the face of film festivals and what consumers want and expect. This week, we will talk about some of the trends that have emerged in the world of film festival production!

Back in yesteryear, film festivals were single day events advertised in your local paper. You would go, wait in line, buy your ticket at the box office and file into the venue with your popcorn and your date to enjoy some movie screenings. Ah, simpler times… A LOT has changed since then.

Today, film festivals are far more advanced in many ways. Every festival not only has its own website, paper scheduling has been made obsolete by webpages and mobile applications, the development of financial technology makes ticket payment processing more convenient than ever and the introduction of new consumer technology has raised the bar for what consumers demand from film festival experiences.

Consumers expect film festivals to have an informative website that is continuously updated and maintained. They want to see festivals engaging on social media and to be able to research and buy tickets conveniently on their computers and smartphones… (Because who carries cash anymore?) THEY WANT APPS, they demand that everything accessible to them at their fingertips, they want interactive experiences, and this is just the beginning of the changing face of what consumers want out of their film festival experience.

I know this is a lot to process, but don’t worry, this can all seem overwhelming, after all, you’re focus is on putting together an amazing recurring festival and without all of this new mumbo jumbo. You have enough on your plate. We get it, and we are here to help!

We have a service called ChillHound Pro that has been specifically made for Film Festivals!  Here is an example:  We make custom/white label scheduling, ticketing web services and an accompanying mobile app!

As times move towards technology being a big part of generating revenue (and expected) we found that most festivals shy from the huge costs of creating their own web and app services.  These costs can range up to 70K, definitely not frugal!

For a fraction, we can provide a completely connected web scheduling/ticketing/marketing/and web app.  As you can see… that’s a lot! We also collect data, sell festival passes, and interact with customers through surveys and push notifications! So let’s schedule a time to speak on the phone and see how we can help! 15 minutes on the phone with us could save you more than switching to Geico, so what do you have to lose? Plus, our ChillHound pooch > Geico gecko, for sure.

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