The Internet of Everything (IoE) and Film Festivals

The Internet of Everything (IoE) and Film Festivals

I first want to take a moment to distinguish between Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE). The Internet of Things is a subset of the Internet of Everything and relates specifically to “things” or tangible items, such as your cellphone, tablet, computer, smartwatch, etc. On the other hand, the Internet of Everything relates to the intelligent connection of information, devices, functions and individuals. It is certain that the IoE market, both consumer and business-to-business, will continue growing at a staggering rate in 2017, particularly in North America. Again, this means businesses must keep up with this rising market. What does this mean for film festivals?


This has a number of impacts on film festivals today. For example, millennials are in the age range of 19 to 34 in 2016,  and have grown up using technology and most have become proficient if not experts before the age of 10! As a result, this demographic is accustomed to easily accessible information, and this is just one reason that selling to this target market is different, and in many ways more challenging. As it relates to festivals, these consumers no longer want to physically somewhere to gather information and carry out their purchases, rather, they want to use their computers or their mobile devices! And when it comes to ticketing and payments, carrying cash is as old school as paper tickets are, and now even plastic cards are quickly being replaced by other more convenient fintech solutions, like PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay!


Consumers want to be able to visit a website or download an app that presents them with all of the information they need to make an informed decision. For film festivals, this relates to information about the festival itself, scheduling, the individual films being shown. It also includes simple payment and ticketing solutions, and the ability to share experiences in real-time with across the various social media platforms! Is your festival keeping up with the times?!


ChillHoundPro can help!  Whether you want us to handle ticketing or you choose to go through a website, we can handle your scheduling, ticketing, data & analytics, and customer retention.  When someone buys a ticket we encourage them to share their event with friends!  For additional cost, we can even issue a mobile app specifically tailored for your festival!


In conjunction, ChillHound can assist in social media marketing.  Through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, ChillHound will fine tune a marketing approach in efforts to drive sales and exposure.


Times are changing and so is the buying process of your festival goers.


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